"The first listing Liz photographed for me had six showings scheduled and sold in ONE DAY! She will be photographing all my listings from now on!"    

-Ivan N. --- Realtor

"Sold Liz!!! On the market for one day! Your pictures were a big part of that"    

-Trish T. --- homeseller

"We both think the photos are great and came out incredibly well. I am super happy. They really make the house look good."    

-Richard T. --- homeowner

"These photos are really good. There's absolutely no doubt about that."    

-Larry C. --- business owner



"Those photos are awesome!  Thank you for taking time out to do a few for us...  If that house doesn't sell with those pictures, I don't think it will sell at all!"    

-Mike H. --- Realtor

"The lighting and clarity is amazing. Thank Liz! These photos are awesome!"    

-Sharon P. --- homeseller

"The photos are great and I want her to come back and do the rest of the house."    

-Lisa C. --- homeowner

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